user experience & industrial design


3D printer, Toolkit, Laser engraver, PVC pipes, CAD software, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Shopping basket


User researcher, Deck creation, Prototype designer


In a design challenge focused on innovating the shopping experience for wheelchair users, my team and I used the design-thinking process and introduced CallCart. CallCart is a shopping basket attachment that will not compromise the infrastructure of a personalized wheelchair. Designed to assist wheelchair users with their shopping load, CallCart allows manual wheelchair users to have full access to their upper extremities to more easily navigate shopping environments, shop, load items in their vehicles, and provide a sense of comfort, relief, and security when shopping.


A prototype of CallCart that holds up to 2 gallons of milk and pitch deck that outlines our design journey, user personas, research, ideation process, and financial projections


Elon University's School of Physical Therapy granted us funding to continue working on a better prototype for a professor who is wheelchair-bound