Secret Sandwich Society

typography & prototyping


Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Wood stain, Wooden rods, 3D printer, Gold paint, Distressing kit, Twine, Laser printer


This menu redesign reconceptualizes the Secret Sandwich Society with an interactive twist. A medieval concept was chosen because it is an antique way of delivering messages and carries an air of sophistication. Medieval times usually relate to royalty. Royalty has a sense of untouchable-ness which ties into the idea of a “secret.” Much like when a king or queen knights a person, the scroll carries an air of intimacy, regality, and secrecy.


Much of this menu was handcrafted. The paper was distressed and stained to give it the parchment paper quality. To create the experience of using a scroll, the scroll rods were made using stained wooden rods and 3D printed knobs. Gold detailing was painted on to upscale and give an aristocratic feeling. On the menu, a decorative border was added to go along with the gold detailing on the scroll handles. 


A tangible redesigned menu ​ready for customers to browse