TikTok, Reimagined

UX/UI design


Sketch, Adobe Illustrator


Designer, User researcher


Popular short video streaming platform, TikTok has been gaining popularity at an exponential rate.

For this design challenge, I wanted to give TikTok an upgrade by integrating features that would make the user experience better. 

As an avid TikTok user, I could empathize with what challenges I faced when using the video-sharing platform. Drawing from personal experience and feedback gathered from other TikTok users, I chose to focus on adding additional features that would make sharing TikTok videos simpler. 


I started out by brainstorming things that I wish TikTok gave users the capability to do such as reminding me when creators post new videos, allowing me to categorize my saved videos so I could find them easier in the future, and allowing me to send videos to friends instead of waiting for videos to download to my phone. 

I sketched out mockups of the current user interface to get a step-by-step view of the current user experience. I then began incorporating my ideas for the redesign, while thinking about the current user journey on TikTok and the current interface. 


For this challenge, I came up with two additional features that would enhance the TikTok user experience. These new features for TikTok allow users to categorize their saved videos and include an in-app video-sharing feature where users can invite friends/family to share their favorite TikTok videos to the file. 

Categorization of videos

TikTok's saved video feature does not allow users to add certain videos to named folders for easier finding. I added a categorization feature where users could add their favorite TikTok videos to relevant folders. 

Group sharing

Sharing TikTok videos is a part of the appeal of the app. However, downloading videos from the app to your phone can be time-consuming and take up too much space. This group sharing feature allows users to create a Shared drive and invite friends or family to also contribute to adding their favorite TikTok videos for everyone to enjoy!